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Review of Most Widely-Used NetSuite Competitors by Larry-Scot

Integrated software packages

NetSuite platform presents software packages to serve different business areas: ERP, e-commerce, CRM, and accounting. Most traditional NetSuite competitors offering comparable all-in-one suites helping to operate all areas of your business include QuickBooks (for smaller companies), Salesforce, Intacct, FinancialForce, Zoho (smaller and middle sized companies), and WorkDay (solution for large firms).

Zoho, for instance, contains over thirty-five apps plus the ones for cell phones, as well as additional software modules. These apps give you all the tools to improve your company in all areas including communication, accounting operations, marketing, etc.

Workday is a leading company among NetSuite competitors and one of the best solutions for large businesses. It serves clients in many areas of industry and has such companies as Amazon, Bank of America, Netflix, ING and Hewlett Packard among its numerous customers.

We also would like to mention Sage 100 which can integrate with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. It helps prevent mistakes that may occur when entering data and avoid duplicates. The combination of these two programs is useful if you want to prevent inaccurate data entry. Moreover, the info is protected and secured when you transfer it between these platforms.

Solutions for all business sizes

NetSuite has developed a strategy of transition of a smaller size business into the larger category (mid-sized company). The platform focuses on its goal of transitioning to more valued customers to serve a pool of big enterprises. NetSuite modules are designed with the target to pursue mid-sized companies ensuring their sales growth and significantly improved operations. Also, the company strives to serve local branches and subsidiaries of international customers, that do not want to follow the complex operating system of their parent businesses. Key shopping cart software alternatives in such areas are, Oracle CRM, Right Now and some other software solutions. Serving start-up companies, small businesses, and nonprofit organizations, is a CRM platform which allows connecting clients and businesses using innovative cloud-based apps for various spheres of business operations. One of its primary benefits is that you do not need to hire tech specialists because the soft is simple to configure and operate.

Primary service markets

NetSuite is serving a variety of different markets from magazine publishers and broadcasting companies, to soft developers and wholesalers. By all means, the largest NetSuite’s business specialization is service professionals. NetSuite competitors for this market sector are such companies as Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce featuring AppExchange.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is offering PCA, Project Service Automation, which allows companies operate their projects more efficiently integrating human force and technological capabilities through a unique platform. AppExchange provides customers access to more than three thousand applications helping to enhance the capabilities of

Cloud based and on premise models

NetSuite offers Cloud based solution and has no on premise model available. Some most popular NetSuite competitors offering on premise options (for ERP or CRM) are Sage 100 along with Microsoft Dynamics.

Another NetSuite alternative is SAP Business ByDesign, a cloud based software platform sold by German enterprise offering CRM and ERP. This company has developed soft for optimization of accounting processes, client-focused solutions in such areas as sales, marketing and other business activities. These solutions are designed to assist quickly expanding small and mid-sized businesses to adapt to new challenges of work ecosystem’s growth. The cloud based software solutions help automate a lot of everyday “chores” by streamlining the activities. It allows saving valuable time, ensuring productivity and collaboration between company’s staff, clients and partner companies. Besides, when the situation requires changes or adaptation to different legislation, especially if the business has expanded globally, the cloud based solutions provided by this company can solve the challenging problems quickly and most efficiently.

Extending products and services to international markets

NetSuite provides multilingual services supporting over seventeen languages and different currency options. Also, when it comes to taxes, it offers options like VAT or GST producing reports automatically in over forty-two countries. NetSuite distributors extend the platform to various international markets. For instance, a subsidiary called MYOB NetSuite, that has become an exclusive distributor in 2009, promotes products and services of the company not only in Australia but also in New Zealand. NetSuite provides SaaS apps exclusively working from the local information center. NetSuite European partner is British Telecom, helping the company reach millions of its UK clients. NetSuite provides such tax model as VAT in Europe.

NetSuite is operating successfully in other world markets, including Canada and Philippines, where the number of employees exceeds three hundred people.

Price range of products and services

NetSuite is offering starting price point of about one thousand dollars monthly, nine hundred ninety-nine to be exact, allowing users to get to the program for a fee of ninety-nine dollars a month, which is a moderate price for subscribers of such soft. If we take NetSuite competitors, some of them charge similar fees, whereas the majority of companies offer less expensive products and services. Some costly cloud based NetSuite competitors are, SAP Business ByDesign or RightNow.  Less expensive NetSuite alternatives contain such companies as Oracle and Microsoft Dynamics.

Finding a comprehensive accounting software that can be affordable and dependable is not easy. When researching various ERP by NetSuite competitors you need to consider except characteristics and options, such thing as the price which should correspond to your budget, customer service, and integration opportunities. If you take your time to conduct such a study, comparing different companies, you can find a solution containing the variety of desired features at a great cost.

NetSuite ticketing system analogs

NetSuite ticketing system allows a simple and straightforward approach to managing accounts. It features various options and functions as far as supporting customers. NetSuite ticketing system eliminates the necessity of long descriptions because every ticket is quite self-explanatory and provides all the details submitted saving time and efforts of the support team.

Some of the company competitors offering analogs of NetSuite ticketing system within their Helpdesk software are Jira, ManageEngine and others. Siemens, Honda, and Disney are among the largest clients of ManageEngine, that utilize the solutions of this IT company. The company offers several competitive pricing options for its software suites, featuring characteristics comparable to NetSuite ticketing system.

We hope this brief research on NetSuite competitors and other relevant articles on NetSuite alternatives will help you choose the right solution appropriate for your business management style and needs.

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